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Write the way you speak in everyday life. Nobody likes big, boring emails overloaded with complex terms. Make it easy, interesting and useful to read. Also, be very clear about what you want to achieve from the recipient. Use energetic, positive language and keep your sentences concise. Use humor if appropriate - people love to smile. 6. Use transactional (service) emails Transactional (service) emails have one of the highest open rates of all email marketing messages after welcome emails - around 80%-85%. However, they usually only contain information about the operation performed. You can use this to your advantage. A transactional email is any email that is sent after an action has been taken by a subscriber.

These include: confirmation of an order; Password reset; abandoned cart Taking the time to create unique and memorable transactional emails will wow your customers and set you apart from other companies. 7. Conduct A/B testing If you run email campaigns, then you also need to Healthtrax Corporate Email list do A/B testing. You can check every element of the letter - from the subject line and preheader to the text itself, images, design and calls to action. The more tests you conduct, the better you get to know your target audience. In turn, the closer you know consumers, the more you can interest them in your letters. 8. Make emails mobile friendly Adapt your emails for mobile devices Most people open emails on mobile devices. So, unless your email campaign is optimized for smartphones and tablets, a significant portion of your emails will be wasted.

Mailchimp found that mobile responsive design can increase email click-through rates by 15%. As people increasingly choose to open and read emails on their phones, it's important to make sure that on mobile devices your design offers a user experience that is equal to or superior to the desktop option. 9. Personalize emails for each recipient Customers value personalized experiences. Moreover, the likelihood of emails being opened after adding personalized subject lines increases by 26%. This is why it is very important to tailor email marketing to each specific recipient. Not only is personalized content a great way to boost engagement, but it also drives social media activity and grows your user community, amplifying the impact of your emails.


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